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Thermal Oxidisers from UK based EIS

Thermal OxidationThermal oxidisers use high temperature to convert contaminants to carbon dioxide and water vapour. Normally the reaction takes place at a temperature ranging from 750oC to 850oC. At these temperatures, with good mixing and sufficient oxygen, the destruction efficiency in the combustion chamber is almost 100%.

There are three types of thermal oxidiser:

Whilst a direct fired oxidiser contains no primary heat recovery, for most processes, the cost of the fuel required to heat a process stream to the combustion temperature necessitates the inclusion of some sort of heat recovery.

Both recuperative and regenerative technologies include heat recovery and are discussed in more detail on other pages.

The choice of which type of thermal oxidiser to use is generally one of economics. We will analyse capital and running costs in relation to the process inlet conditions, the required removal efficiency and the variability of the process. Following this analysis, we will make a recommendation.

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