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Environmental Integrated Solutions

Biofilters from UK based EIS

Our Biofilters, supplied in association with BBK of Denmark, were first developed in 1992 and have, since then, been used for OdourBiofilter Plant Control in multiple applications around Europe including use in:

  • · Municipal Refuse Plants
    · Composting Plants
    · Sewage Treatment Plants
    · Food Waste Plants
    · Biogas Plants
    · Animal Rendering Plants

These Biofilters use a unique homogenous filter media that is a mixture of non biodegradeable compounds that are inoculated with specifically selected micro-organisms that provide high activity with optimum microbiological growth. 

Turnkey supply, that can include ductwork and capture systems, together with careful project design will allow us to provide a total solution that will uniquely provide:

  • View of plant· A high degree of purification and odour removal than is obtainable from conventional systems
    · Maximum bed life and minimum maintenance requirement giving lowest “whole of life” cost
    · Full effectiveness immediately after start up
    · Tolerance to changes in temperature and pH
    · Lower footprint
    · Minimum utility consumptions
    · Survival during periods of shut-down
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