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Recuperative Oxidisers from UK based EIS

Recuperative systemsVolatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be converted to carbon dioxide and water vapour by thermal oxidation at temperatures typically above 750oC.

A recuperative thermal oxidiser uses an integral primary shell and tube heat exchanger to preheat the incoming contaminated air using the high temperature air that is exhausted from the oxidiser

Where the level of VOC is significant, the heat released during the oxidation of the VOC will also be recovered, improving the cost effectiveness of the system.

A primary heat exchanger can recover up to 70% of the heat input by the burner or released during the oxidation process by pre-heating the inlet exhaust stream, reducing the support fuel required by the burner to maintain the required oxidation temperature.

They are a simple, cost effective, means of destroying VOC where the inlet concentration is relatively high or particularly where heat can be usefully recovered for other processes.

Secondary heat exchangers can also be utilised to recover heat as a utility for other energy requirements.

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