Catalytic Oxidizers

In a thermal oxidizer, Volatile Organic Compounds are converted to carbon dioxide and water vapor in a combustion reaction at temperatures typically above 1,382°F.

This reaction can be forced to proceed at much lower temperatures in the presence of an appropriate catalyst.

The advantage of this process is the reduction in required energy input. Catalytic systems can, therefore, be a more favorable solution where autothermal operation is not practicable and heat cannot be economically used elsewhere.

CECO EIS has a number of transition and precious metal catalysts that can be used to destroy VOCs over a wide range of process conditions and we will select a catalyst that provides the most cost-effective solution for fulfilling your emission requirement.

Catalytic technology can be installed within both recuperative and regenerative oxidizer systems and is typically applied to clean process exhaust streams, because of the possible impact on the catalyst of poisons and masking agents in more contaminated streams.