Energy Savings

The cost of energy continues to rise almost inexorably and in an ideal world every company would want to be energy efficient. But how easy is it to make savings and at what cost?

At CECO EIS it is easy because we strive to minimize energy consumption on all of our systems. Some examples include:

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

We manufacture a range of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers that operate in autothermal flameless mode with zero gas input and we can also modify your existing RTO equipment to operate in the same way in order to reduce the overall consumption of energy. Environmental Integrated Solutions can provide a heat recovery media which provides a thermal efficiency that is greater than standard media.

The use of this media not only provides increased thermal efficiency, but also provides a lower pressure drop leading to a direct saving in both gas and electrical consumption. In recent projects where the new media has been used to replace saddles or honeycomb type media, the upgraded thermal efficiency achieved was greater than 98%, which has contributed to a significant reduction in overall gas and electricity consumption.

Primary and Secondary Heat Recovery

Many systems are designed to include both primary and secondary heat recovery including:

  • Air to air
  • Air to water
  • Thermal oil systems
  • Waste heat boilers