Heat Recovery from UK based EIS

The cost of energy contines to rise inexorably and this is unlikely to change in the coming years. EIS specialise in the design of systems that minimise the use of energy and many of our systems operate autothermally, in flameless mode, without the use of any support fuel. In some cases, when sufficient solvent is present, they can even become nett providers of energy.

This requires careful design and may require integration of the abatement system into your process and our project management skills will ensure that this is a trouble free operation.

We can offer many different technologies including:

  • Low pressure drop systems to minimise electrical consumption
  • High thermal efficiency for low support fuel demand (upto 98%)
  • Autothermal operation in flameless mode
  • Heat return to process
  • Waste heat boilers
  • Thermal oil systems
  • Air to air heat exchangers
  • Air to water heat exchangers